The Social Boffin Report: Tackling Your Fears with Confidence

My third month as a startup has just begun, & I am yet to sell my very first product. This is a scary fact to admit, especially with my personal network asking questions about ‘how it’s going?’ & ‘Sold anything yet?’. I know they are asking out of love, so my fear reaction must be coming from within me & to be fair it’s not surprising. This is one scary ride.

The fear can be overwhelming at times & it can make moving forward the hardest action in the world. Often I try to remind myself this is what I signed up for & it’s kind of what it’s all about? Starting a business is about being brave & finding the confidence in yourself to know what you give to the world is something they really need.


Confidence in myself I would say has become my first hurdle to master in starting my own business & I also see it in my fellow startup owners. That’s not to say you shouldn’t be reaching out to your network to help boost your confidence levels when their running low but I also believe you must in your very heart be confident in yourself as a person, otherwise the fear will hold you frozen.

At a networking event this week, the phrase ‘If you want the best personal development seminar on the planet start your own business’ was aired to the room. This absolutely resonated with me & my startup journey so far. I’ve realised only once we are confident with who with we are & what we can offer to the world, can we start to think about how we can do that through our business.

Thankfully (due to many phone calls with my support network) I’m starting to feel the confidence in myself come to the surface, to a place where I can access it more easily in my day to day dealings. Helping me to deal with the doubts & fears I’m coming across each day & being able to handle them, so less time in spent in the fear freezing zone.


In all honesty, I know I’m on the precipice on something great. I believe I have so much to give to the world & my journey has only just begun. So from one human being to another, wherever you may be on your journey I want you to take a bit of time to focus on your confidence.

Knowing who you are, will help you figure out who you want to help & from there you can start to dream big about how to do just that.

Good Luck – The Social Boffin

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