True Campaign Success

(True Campaign Success was originally published on LinkedIn April, 2016)

The other day someone asked me ‘Can you tell me about a successful campaign you’ve done?‘. This friend, albeit a good one, isn’t really a social media person never mind a marketing person. So it was difficult to explain in any phrases other than the usual ‘good engagement‘ and ‘create new leads‘.

However it did get me thinking – how do we define whether a campaign has been a success?  How do we know if we have experienced this magical Campaign Success that we strive to achieve?

As a social media strategist I’m constantly thinking about metrics. Analysing how to gain more engagements, get more clicks and shockingly gain more comments but for me outside of the world of metrics, true campaign success is a slippery sort of fellow. Slippery because firstly no campaign should truly exist on its own outside of a social media strategy and secondly for me a truely successful social media strategy involves how the audience feels about the social media account.


When I use the term feel – I refer to the range of emotions which I strive for as a social media specialist. I want users to describe the social channels I work with as ones they love, ones they connect with, ones that make them laugh, ones they learn and essentially grow from. Successful social for me is a social account that forgets they have a product to sell, an account that thinks of itself like a person, a platform for people to connect with a company based on the ethos of the account – where audiences can feel their response and not be recorded as a simple metric.

I’m not saying metrics don’t have their place in social media marketing, they most certainly do, otherwise how can you ever learn about what your audience wants to feel about but it’s essential to take a step back when assessing the value of campaign success and decide what true success means for you as a company or person.

Campaign Success is the recording of likes, shares and comments. True Campaign Success is making your audience feel.

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